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Embeding a Google Form with Iframe

This guide will show you how to embed an HTML iframe on your wix website with only a few quick steps.  Adding forms to your website is easy, and it is an effective way to create engagement from your website users.


From your form page, click send.  


Then Click the <> button to display the embed HTML text and then click copy.


Next you will want to navigate to the page you are wanting to put the form on in Wix.  
Go to add, and select more from the bottom of the list.  Then select HTML iframe. Drag it to your page.


From here, you will want to click “Enter Code”.


In the text box you will want to paste the text you copied from your form.


You will need to resize the box so you can view the entire form without having to scroll within the page.  Don’t forget to test it!

You have just added an Google Form HTML iframe to your Wix website!

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