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Our History

Butler Tech Solutions was founded in 2017.  However, it really began in 1995 when Aaron acquired his first computer.  Equipped with Windows 3.1 and Commander Keen,  he was certain that computers were the future.  He used his computer for everything, from his investment banking system with his siblings to his childhood fantasy novel.  He saved up every cent he could and bought his first Compaq computer with windows 95 and began to explore the internet.

Butler Tech Solutions specializes in Computer repair, software configuration home and small office networking and surveillance systems, and other electronic devices.

Our innovations from past and current employment and the things we have introduced into our daily lives has changed the way we view the world.

Have you met Aaron?

B.S. Management (Business) 
B.A.S. Civil Engineering Technology
Comptia A+ Certification

Aaron has always latched onto new technology and searched for new ways to make use of it.  Since the days of his family’s first personal computer and dial-up internet, he has always wondered how things worked and how he can make technology work for us.

Aaron is Comptia A+ certified and has 10+ years experience working with technology.

Aaron graduated from Lewis-Clark State College in 2016 and started Butler Tech Solutions in 2017.

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Brutus is a German Shepherd Dog with energy to spare.  Some of his favorite things are exploring the woods, deer and elk antlers, and tug-of-war.

Brutus continues to learn new things every day, and works hard to be an outstanding citizen.

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Have you met Brutus?

American Kennel Club Certified Pedigree
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